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Algebra the Beautiful: An Ode to Math’s Least-Loved Subject

Algebra the Beautiful: An Ode to Math’s Least-Loved Subject

A mathematician reveals the hidden beauty, power, and—yes—fun of algebra.

What comes to mind when you think about algebra? For many of us, it’s memories of dull or frustrating classes in high school. Award-winning mathematics professor G. Arnell Williams is here to change that. Algebra the Beautiful is a journey into the heart of fundamental math that proves just how amazing this subject really is.

Drawing on lessons from twenty-five years of teaching mathematics, Williams blends metaphor, history, and storytelling to uncover algebra’s hidden grandeur. Whether you’re a teacher looking to make math come alive for your students, a parent hoping to get your children engaged, a student trying to come to terms with a sometimes bewildering subject, or just a lover of mathematics, this book has something for you. With a passion that’s contagious, G. Arnell Williams shows how each of us can grasp the beauty and harmony of algebra.


Movement 1: Variables and Motions

Chapter 1. Numerical Symphonies

Chapter 2. Art of Maneuver

Movement 2: Equations and Motions

Chapter 3. Numerical Forensics

Chapter 4. Converging Streams and Emerging Themes

Chapter 5. The Rule of Dark Position

Movement 3: Motions in Education

Chapter 6. The Grand Play

Chapter 7. Algebraic Awareness

Movement 4: Motions in Life

Chapter 8. Algebra Uncloaked

Chapter 9. Algebraic Flights: Mechanism and Classification

Movement 5: Motions of the Imagination

Chapter 10. Algebraic Flights: Indeterminacy and Curiosity

Chapter 11. A Kaleidoscope of Ingredients

Movement 6: Motions of the Heart

Chapter 12. Grand Confluences

Appendix 1: The Quadratic Formula and Parameters

Appendix 2: Five Word Problems

Appendix 3: Function Notation [y and f(x)]

Appendix 4: Exponential Functions of Different Bases

Appendix 5: Solving for y in the Equation 12x + 8y = 400

Glossary of Terms


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