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The Princeton Review is an international test-preparation company with branches in all major U.S. cities and several cities abroad. In 1981, John Katzman started teaching an SAT prep course in his parents’ living room. Within five years, The Princeton Review had become the largest SAT prep program in the country.

Our phenomenal success in improving students’ scores on standardized tests is due to a simple, innovative, and radically effective philosophy: Study the test, not just what the test claims to test. This approach has led to the development of techniques for taking standardized tests based on the principles the test writers themselves use to write the tests.

The Princeton Review has found that its methods work not just for cracking the SAT, but for any standardized test. We’ve already successfully applied our system to the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and GRE, to name just a few. Obviously you need to be well versed in world history to do well on the AP World History Exam, but you should remember that any standardized test is partly a measure of your ability to think like the people who write standardized tests. This book will help you brush up on your AP World History and prepare for the exam using our time-tested principle: Crack the system by learning how the test is created.

We also offer books and online services that cover an enormous variety of education and career-related topics.



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