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8 Stages You Go through During the Exam Fever

Many college students would love to say that after years of going to high school, that time of the exams doesn’t shock them. Unfortunately, that would not be true. Between all the tests, essays, and studying sessions late at night, it seems unreal to get ready for the upcoming stress, no matter how hard you try. For that reason, we’ve decided to sum up six key stages that college and university students face when they have those hard times of exams.


Many college students tend to say something like, “There’s so much time that I have before the exam, it’s going to be alright!” If you’re one of them, make no doubt that you are going to regret it in a couple of weeks or even days.


Mind wandering is something that most students have in common, especially when the exam season comes. At some point, you realize the time distance between you and the examination sessions is getting shorter. However, you keep telling yourself that you do have enough time.

Life Gets Busier

That’s what you start thinking at some point. There isn’t much time available between the finals and midterms. Most college and university students believe that they will have an opportunity to get back to the relaxation mode before the finals, but the reality is that there’s no time for that. Before you even know it, things will get tough all of a sudden.


One morning you wake up, and the ugly truth falls down on you. You have that feeling in your stomach that helps you realize the time has come. You take your planner or create a special folder on your desktop, and try to draw out the most suitable schedule. You exert every effort to provide enough time for every discipline and then schedule dates and days for the materials to cover. On one of these days, you realize the time that you have is not enough. Even if you decide to switch to the sleepless lifestyle for the season, it’ll still not be enough to get four essays, two term papers, two labs, and your laundry done!


As panic sets in, you begin to feel depressed over what could have been done. And then you hear your professors and parents telling you that it is time to start preparing for the exams. You hysterically start thinking things are going to work out somehow. They HAVE to!

Give up

“OK, I officially give up!” stage is something that you have to get over. At this point, you believe that every other sentence in your essay sucks. Whether you work on your lab report for four or six hours, it all comes out the same. So, what’s the point in trying? You decide to give up. You’re going to have coffee with your girlfriend, buy some new tools for your bicycle, and pretend as if you’re not a busy and anxious college student but a careless person that enjoys life.


The very moment you come down from heaven to earth, you begin to reconsider your current situation. This is when you start thinking logically, objectively, and sanely for the first time in a couple of months. You’re entering the cramming period when you start gathering your ‘army.’ You contact that cheap essay writing service again, ask your friends for help, and bookmark tons of online libraries.

“I’m done!”

Finally, you are free and happy. You’re not going to procrastinate anymore. You’re going to spend all your money on yourself because you deserve it for what you’ve gone through. You’re about to burn every manual, book, and journal, as well as delete every folder on your laptop that is somehow related to the exams season. Then you purchase tickets and tell your mom and dad how great this year was and how brilliantly you’ve managed to end it.

No matter how events unfold throughout the academic year, it’s not about studying. Instead, it’s about the way you tend to study. If you feel like cramming is not your thing at all, manage your time wisely and avoid studying the last minute before your exams.

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