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How Many International Students Study Abroad in the US?

A few things to keep in mind when studying in the United States ...

Today, the US occupies the first place in the number of students from around the world. Thus, according to the data of a report of the international organization on education "Open Doors", the number of students who arrived from abroad in the United States of America over the past three years exceeded 1 million, in particular, there were 1,094,792 students. The indicator increased by 1.5%.

Having large numbers of international students has had a momentous financial influence on the country, by injecting $ 42.4 billion into the economy through education, food, and living expenses. Therefore, international students create a huge asset for the country.

Within the framework of this article, it seems appropriate to consider the peculiarities of studying in the United States and draw a conclusion about why the country is so attractive for foreign students. The specialists of the essay writing service a plus essay will help us find the answer to this question. This essay writing service is rated as the most trustworthy today due to its high-quality essay writing services. It really provides top essay writing services. It is possible to get good essay writing services and buy the a+ essay of any difficulty level there. Specialists have extensive experience working with students, so their knowledge is especially valuable.

Features of US Education Management

According to the experts of the essay writing service a plus essay, US education is a classic example of a decentralized education system and its adequate management. The education system is managed by state governments, their bodies, and departments. Each of the 50 states has its own regulations governing education. The specialists of the online essay writing service indicate that education policy at the state level is determined by the Education Council, which consists of 7-11 people appointed by the governor from among business representatives, professional associations, and various religious denominations.

Peculiarities of Higher Education in the United States

Talking about the features of higher education, the writers of the professional essay writing service a plus essay indicate that the structure of higher education in the United States is characterized by diversity, a clear hierarchy depending on the volume of research, the level of educational courses and academic degrees awarded. There is no clear definition of higher education in the country. Such institutions include all educational institutions that provide post-secondary education.

According to the opinion of professionals who work in the top rated essay writing service, community colleges today play an important role in the American education system. Due to the policy of open admission to students, low tuition fees, geographical proximity to the place of residence, they are an important way to obtain higher education for many foreign students, especially those who are the first in the family to receive higher education, as well as for young people from low-income families and adults, which require additional training, or certification training.

The experts of the reliable essay writing service a plus essay also note that the variety of educational institutions allows the optimal choice of the college or university, which best meets personal needs in the academic, cultural, territorial context. Within the state, students have the right to move freely from one institution of higher education to another, provided that their academic status is appropriate. Credits and exams taken by a student at one university or college are credited at another. In this regard, the employees of the professional essay writing service indicate that a large number of higher education institutions in the United States creates a wide competitive field, therefore, educational institutions are forced to constantly innovate, offer new educational programs, provide high standards of education to attract talented students.

General Principles of Education

As the experts of the trustworthy essay writing service mention, the American system of admission to higher education is based on the following general principles:

  • Democracy. Higher education can be obtained by any person, regardless of social and racial origin;
  • Equality. All entrants have equal rights to admission, regulated by the level of training. If necessary, compensation mechanisms are used for people with special needs, but they do not negate the indicators of knowledge;
  • Non-discrimination. Absence and impossibility of prejudice against the entrant on grounds that do not relate to his educational potential;
  • Competitiveness. The entrant must prove his academic and practical advantages over others. Enrollment advantage is given to people who show higher performance than others.

Therefore, the US higher education system is very different in its structure, policy, and approach to students, which attracts young people.

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