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How To Do Your Homework If You’re Lazy

Being lazy isn’t the worst thing in the world. According to the great Bill Gates he would choose a lazy person to complete a complex job. Why? Because the lazy person would find an easier way to do it. The ingenuity and motivation of people who don’t like working have fuelled many a company throughout the years. As a student, you should utilize this and turn to be lazy into one of your strengths instead of looking at it as a weakness.

Shift your goal from working harder to working smarter. Make smarter decisions, prioritize better, and choose to be consistent. Use these homework hacks to get your homework done faster, game the education system, and do it the laziest way possible!

Do It Every Day

This seems like it clashes with being lazy but it’s not. You don't want to work harder, you want to work smarter. If you break up your homework into bite-sized pieces, you’ll end up spending less time doing homework. You can use this same technique to tackle school work too! Instead of working for 12+ hours without sleep to finish your homework last minute, you’ll take 2 hours out of your day to finish your homework. And you’ll save yourself some sleep deprivation!

If you’re even lazier, break it up into smaller chunks of time. Turn those two hours into four thirty-minute intervals. Once in the morning before school, once during free time at school, and the other two interspersed through the day. You’re leaving plenty of time to have a life, and you’re getting your work done at the same time.

Use Up Overlooked Time

If you use public transport then this homework hack is perfect for you! Whether you're on the bus or the train or the subway, and whether you're in college or high school, that time you spend staring out the window or on your phone can be put to much better use!

When you're a busy student, it can be difficult to keep on top of your homework. But if you use small breaks like these to catch up, then you can finish your homework much faster than you expect to. Use your breaks at work to catch up on your homework assignments, and you’ll find that you have more time for your life as well. You’ll have more time to meet friends, party, or even just laze around in your PJs!

Use Technology To Work Smarter

We’ve become so used to the amazing technology available at our fingertips that we don’t actually realize how much it can do. Between apps and what is now considered basic smartphone technology, we can set up a virtual homework assistance network to keep us on track.

You can use a calendar app to keep a track of when you have to submit which homework. You can use a list app to have an easy reference to everything you have to finish today. You can use a planning app to structure how you study so that you spend the least amount of time and effort on it. You can use an online homework helper for help with homework assignments.

Setting up these apps and services takes some pottering around on your phone, and most of it is free. You’re making yourself a personal assistant and you’re doing it all while lazing on your bed!

If You Can, Choose Group Assignments

Group homework assignments have a bad reputation, but they can be a very easy way to score a lot of marks. A lot of group assignments don’t work because they share the work equally. That is the incorrect goal. In group assignments, your goal should be equity.

Everyone should first figure out what they are good at, and then figure out a way to use that to finish the homework. You will finish homework faster this way because it will take experts less time to do something than novices. Thus, instead of three people struggling to make charts, one person will make graphics for the whole project. The higher quality end product will get you a higher grade.

Stay Organised!

A lot of successful people attribute their success to being organized. It saves you time, it saves you energy, it saves you stress, and it saves you anxiety! How many times have you turned your room over because you couldn’t find the homework due today? How much more homework was lost because you left your room a mess?

Save yourself the hassle by having an easy to use organizing system for your homework and study material. Use a color-coded system where you can quickly dump the same colored things together. Have different classwork and homework folders. Have different homework folders for different subjects. This way, you’ll have everything you need at hand, and you won’t be spending hours looking.

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