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The British Monarchy for Dummies 1st Edition

The British Monarchy for Dummies 1st Edition

Includes insights into the lives of the current royal familyBritain's heritage told through the colourful lives of its kings and queens.

The monarchy is at the heart of British life. If you're going to understand Britain and its history, you need to understand the story of its royal family. This lively guide walks you through the history of the British monarchy from the earliest times to the present day and covers the colourful characters, extraordinary events, power struggles, and politics that have shaped one of the most famous institutions in the world.


Part I - All About the Monarchy

Chapter 1. Ruling Principles

Chapter 2. How the Monarchy Works

Part II - Early Rulers

Chapter 3. Mini-Kingdoms

Chapter 4. England United

Chapter 5. Danes versus Saxons

Part III - The Middle Ages

Chapter 6. Conquering Kings

Chapter 7. Plantagenet Power Struggles

Chapter 8. More Plantagenets

Chapter 9. Lancaster and York: Fighting Families

Part IV - The Kings of Scotland

Chapter 10. Picts, Scots, and Others

Chapter 11. Troublesome English, Troublesome Islanders

Chapter 12. The Stewart Story

Part V - Kingdoms United: Tudors, Stuarts, and Hanoverians

Chapter 13. The Tudors: The Monarchy Triumphs

Chapter 14. The Stuarts

Chapter 15. The House of Hanover

Part VI - Modern Royals: The House of Windsor

Chapter 16. Monarchs at War

Chapter 17. Thoroughly Modern Monarch: Elizabeth II

Chapter 18. The Prince of Wales

Part VII - The Part of Tens

Chapter 19. Ten Royal Homes

Chapter 20. Ten or So Royal Places

Chapter 21. Ten Princes of Wales

Chapter 22. Ten or So Charismatic Consorts

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