Appendix VII

Declaration of Vienna (January 29, 2014)



The five grand lodges met in Vienna on these days of January 28 and 29, 2014.

They would first like to remind the French and international Masonic communities that their Declaration of Basel calling for the reconstruction of the Masonic landscape unambiguously asserted the necessary respect for the “rules and basic principles of the craft” on the one hand, and openness to all Masons seeking to enroll in a sincere, regular Masonic approach.

They observe that today, nearly one-and-one-half years after Basel, both the GNLF and the Confédération Maçonnique de France are committed to their respective paths and have thereby achieved a certain number of major realizations.

These realizations inspire among the brethren concerned an undeniable enthusiasm, thereby demonstrating the necessity to “gather what has been scattered.”

Also under consideration today, with respect to numerous contacts with all the parties involved:

That it is necessary to take into account the deep scars that the crisis caused among the brothers whether they are current members of the GLNF, the GLAMF, and the GLIF; the five grand lodges consider these last two as regular because of their origin.

That all parties of the Confédération Maçonnique de France should now determine the suitability of each one, unambiguously confirming both the vocation and purpose of their confederal institution; to wit: international recognition, and on the other hand, their commitment to respect and encourage respect of the rules of Freemasonry permitting this recognition.

That in regard to the remarks of the grand master of the GLNF at various international meetings, his obedience should conscientiously determine his moral responsibility in the face of the consequences of the crisis and work toward the reunification of the regular Masons.

Following this, the grand lodges call on all the parties mentioned above to clarify their position and—taking into account international customs permitting both a confederal model and “the sharing of territory” by a mutual recognition—to unify all the regular Masons in as short a time as possible.

The five grand lodges again affirm their concern about noninterference but also their wishes to establish ties of recognition with those who hold in their hearts the desire to take their responsibility for the good of their brethren and for the good of universal Freemasonry.

Vienna, January 29, 2014.

Grand Lodge of Austria A.F. & A.M., M.W. Bro. Nikolaus Schwarzler, Grand Master

Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, M.W. Bro. Eli Peeters, Grand Master

United Grand Lodge of Germany, M.W. Bro. Rüdiger Templin, Grand Master

Grand Lodge of Luxembourg, M.W. Bro. Jacques Hansen, Grand Master Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, M.W. Bro. Jean-Michel Mascherpa, Grand Master


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