Appendix IX

Letter of the Sovereign Grand Commander Alain de Keghel to the Northern Jurisdiction


Supreme Council; Grand Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite GODF

The Sovereign Grand Commander

Paris, October 18, 2004

To Ill∴ Sov∴ Grand Commander

Walter E. Webber, 33°

Supreme Council, 33°

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite

Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

P.O. Box 519

LEXINGTON, MA 02420-0519 U.S.A.

Dear Sovereign Grand Commander and Ill∴ Bro∴ Webber,

I take today the initiative to contact you because of very serious concerns fueled by recent news reporting that your Scottish Rite Jurisdiction should have dropped the Degree of Grand Elect Knight Kadosh.

This report has raised consternation and concerns in our Supreme Council. Acting as the direct legitimate Heir of the French Grand Council that issued to Stephen Morin the famous and founding Patent, I wish to urge you to kindly reconsider this decision. The change to the Scottish Rite system of degrees you may have decided, if confirmed, would be a dramatic drop never before experienced worldwide. It would deeply hurt the specific Tradition of our Rite since this Degree is well known as the “ne plus ultra” and has a very specific and rich Masonic meaning.

Since our Supreme Councils have no agreement of reciprocal recognition, I do not expect any formal answer from you, but I would gladly share with Thousands of Scottish Rite Masons worldwide the joy of reconsideration of this major issue.

With most fraternal greetings I remain

Yours Sincerely

Alain de KEGHEL 33°

Sovereign Grand Commander

Suprême Conseil, Grand Collège du R∴E∴A∴A∴

– G∴O∴D∴F∴

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