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Apollos Rivoire, the father of Paul Revere, was born in the parish of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, France, Nov. 20, 1702, and died in Boston, July 22, 1754. On June 19, 1729, he married Deborah Hitchborn, who was born in Boston on Jan. 25, 1704, and died there on May 23, 1777. Twelve children were born of this marriage:

John Revere, born Jan. 10, 1730; died Dec. 1730.

Deborah Revere, born Feb. 21, 1732; died after 1763; she married Thomas Metcalf.

Paul Revere, born Dec. 21, 1734, baptized Dec. 22, 1735; died May 10, 1818.

Frances Revere, born June 11, 1736; died before March 1763; she married Edward Calleteau.

twin sons, born 1737?; both died “young.”

Thomas Revere, baptized Aug. 27, 1738; died “young.”

Thomas Revere, born Jan. 10, 1739/40; died in military service, ca. Oct. 1779; he married Mary [Churchill?].

John Revere, born Oct. 2, 1741, died July 8, 1808; he was a tailor; he married (1) Anna Clemens and (2) Silence Ingerfield.

Mary Revere, born July 10, 1743; died in Boston, Dec. 27, 1801; she married (1) Edward Rose and (2) Alexander Baker

Elizabeth Revere, born July 10, 1743; died July 20, 1743.

Elizabeth Revere, born Jan. 19, 1745; died Jan. 8, 1811; she married David Moseley.

Paul Revere married (1) Sarah Orne, Aug. 17, 1757. She was born in Boston on April 7, 1736, and died there on May 3, 1773, aged 37. They had eight children:

Deborah Revere, born April 8, 1758; died Jan. 8, 1797. She married Amos Lincoln, a carpenter and mason, and master workman in charge of construction for the Massachusetts State House. They had nine children.

Paul Revere, born Jan. 6, 1760; died Jan. 16, 1813. He became a silversmith and bell founder; he married Sally Edwards; they had twelve children.

Sarah Revere, born Jan. 3, 1762; died July 5, 1791. She married John Bradford.

Mary Revere, born March 31, 1764; died April 30 1765.

Frances Revere, born Feb. 19, 1766; died June 19, 1799.

She married Thomas Stevens Eayres, a silversmith; they had five children.

Mary Revere, born March 19, 1768; died Aug. 12, 1853.

She married Jedidiah Lincoln, a “wood-wharfinger” and “housewright”; they had seven children.

Elizabeth Revere, born Dec. 5, 1770; died April 1805.

She married her brother-in-law Amos Lincoln, a carpenter and mason, after the death of her sister Deborah; they had five children.

Isanna Revere, born Dec. 15, 1772; died Sept. 19, 1773.

Paul Revere’s second marriage, Oct. 10, 1773, was to Rachel Walker. She was born in Boston, Dec. 27, 1745, and died there June 26, 1813. They had eight children:

Joshua Revere, born Dec. 7, 1774; died Aug. 14, 1801. He was a “merchant,” in business with his father.

John Revere, born June 13, 1776, died June 27, 1776.

Joseph Warren Revere, born April 30, 1777; died Oct. 12, 1868.

He took over the copper business from his father in 1810, and married Mary Robbins; they had eight children.

Lucy Revere, born May 15, 1780; died July 9, 1780.

Harriet Revere, born July 20, 1782, died June 28, 1860. She never married, and lived with her brothers Joseph and John.

John Revere, born Dec. 25, 1783; died March 13, 1786.

Maria Revere, born July 14, 1785, died at Singapore, Aug. 22, 1847. She married Joseph Balestier, U.S. Consul in Singapore, and a planter in Malaya; they had one child.

John Revere, born March 27, 1787, died in New York April 29 or 30, 1847. He graduated from Harvard in 1807, studied medicine at Edinburgh, and became a professor of medicine at Jefferson Medical College and the University of the City of New York. He married Lydia Lebaron Goodwin; they had four children.

Paul Revere had at least 51 grandchildren (as enumerated above). Among them were John Revere, who became president of the Revere Copper Company; Grace Revere, who married in succession Dr. Samuel Gross and Sir William Osier, two of the leading surgeons in the Western world; Edward Hutchinson Revere, who joined the 20th Massachusetts Regiment in the Civil War and was killed at Antietam; Paul Joseph Revere, who also served in the 20th Massachusetts and died of wounds at Gettysburg; and Joseph Warren Revere, a brigadier general of Union troops.

SOURCE: Donald M. Nielsen, “The Revere Family,” NEHGR 145 (1991): 291-316; Patrick M. Leehey, “Reconstructing Paul Revere: An Overview of His Life, Ancestry and Work,” in Nina Zannieri, Patrick M. Leehey, et al., Paul Revere—Artisan, Businessman, and Patriot; The Man Behind the Myth (Boston, 1988), 15-39.

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