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The Quiet World: Saving Alaska's Wilderness Kingdom, 1879-1960

The Quiet World: Saving Alaska's Wilderness Kingdom, 1879-1960

In this fascinating follow-up to his New York Times bestsellerWilderness Warrior, acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley offers a riveting, expansive look at the past and present battle to preserve Alaska’s wilderness. Brinkley explores the colorful diversity of Alaska’s wildlife, arrays the forces that have wreaked havoc on its primeval arctic refuge—from Klondike Gold Rush prospectors to environmental disasters like the Exxon-Valdez oil spill—and documents environmental heroes from Theodore Roosevelt to Dwight Eisenhower and beyond. Not merely a record of Alaska’s past, Quiet World is a compelling call-to-arms for sustainability, conservationism, and conscientious environmental stewardship—a warning that the land once called Seward’s Folly may go down in history as America’s Greatest Mistake.

Prologue: John Muir and the Gospel of Glaciers

Chapter 1: Odyssey of the Snowy Owl

Chapter 2: Theodore Roosevelt’s Conservation Doctrine

Chapter 3: The Pinchot-Ballinger Feud

Chapter 4: Bull Moose Crusade

Chapter 5: Charles Sheldon’s Fierce Fight

Chapter 6: Our Vanishing Wildlife

Chapter 7: The Lake Clark Pact

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Chapter 8: Resurrection Bay of Rockwell Kent

Chapter 9: The New Wilderness Generation

Chapter 10: Warren G. Harding: Backlash

Chapter 11: Bob Marshall and the Gates of the Arctic

Chapter 12: Those Amazing Muries

Chapter 13: Will the Wolf Survive?

Chapter 14: William O. Douglas and New Deal Conservation

Chapter 15: Ansel Adams, Wonder Lake, and the Lady Bush Pilots

Chapter 16: Pribilof Seals, Walt Disney, and the Arctic Wolves of Lois Crisler

Chapter 17: The Arctic Range and Aldo Leopold

Chapter 18: The Sheenjek Expedition of 1956

Chapter 19: Dharma Wilderness

Chapter 20: Of Hoboes, Barefooters, and the Open Road

Chapter 21: Sea Otter Jones and Musk-Ox Matthiessen

Chapter 22: Rachel Carson’s Alarm

Chapter 23: Selling the Arctic Refuge

Epilogue: Arctic Forever


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