Modern history

The Slave's Cause: A History of Abolition

The Slave's Cause: A History of Abolition

Received historical wisdom casts abolitionists as bourgeois, mostly white reformers burdened by racial paternalism and economic conservatism.

Introduction: The Radical Tradition of Abolition

PART I. The First Wave

Chapter 1. Prophets Without Honor

Chapter 2. Revolutionary Antislavery in Black and White

Chapter 3. The Long Northern Emancipation

Chapter 4. The Anglo-American Abolition Movement

Chapter 5. Black Abolitionists in the Slaveholding Republic

Chapter 6. The Neglected Period of Antislavery

PART II. The Second Wave

Chapter 7. Interracial Immediatism

Chapter 8. Abolition Emergent

Chapter 9. The Woman Question

Chapter 10. The Black Man’s Burden

Chapter 11. The Abolitionist International

Chapter 12. Slave Resistance

Chapter 13. Fugitive Slave Abolitionism

Chapter 14. The Politics of Abolition

Chapter 15. Revolutionary Abolitionism

Chapter 16. Abolition War

Epilogue: The Abolitionist Origins of American Democracy


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