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The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision

The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision

A renowned historian here presents a new view of the notorious Spanish Inquisition, arguing that there was less terror, bigotry, and persecution associated with it than has been previously believed. Based on thirty years of research, the book will revolutionize further study in the field.


Chapter 1: Faith and Doubt in the Mediterranean

Chapter 2: The Great Dispersion

Chapter 3: The Coming of the Inquisition

Chapter 4: An Enduring Crisis

Chapter 5: Excluding the Reformation

Chapter 6: The Impact on Literature and Science

Chapter 7: The End of Morisco Spain

Chapter 8: The Politics of Heresy

Chapter 9: Crime and Punishment

Chapter 10: The Image and Reality of Power

Chapter 11: Gender, Sexuality and Witchcraft

Chapter 12: Race Purity and Its Critics

Chapter 13: The Religion of the People

Chapter 14: Twilight of the Holy Office

Chapter 15: Inventing the Inquisition

Timeline: Chronology of the Inquisition

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