Japanese Order of Battle

Twenty-Fifth Army (GOC Gen. Yamashita)

18th Division (Lt Gen. Renya Mutaguchi)

23rd Infantry Brigade

114th Infantry Regiment

A detachment of 1st Independent Anti-Tank Battalion

18th Mountain Artillery Regiment

21st Heavy Field Artillery Battalion

12th Engineer Regiment

Engineer Unit of 21st Independent Brigade and 3rd Field Hospital

23rd Independent Engineer Regiment (attached)

15th River Crossing Company (attached)

22nd Bridge Building Material Company (attached)

5th Division (Lt Gen. Takuro Matsui)

21st Infantry Brigade

2nd Independent Anti-Tank Company

One medium tank company

5th Field Artillery Regiment

5th Engineer Regiment

9th Infantry Brigade

1st Independent Anti-Tank Company

15th Independent Engineer Regiment (attached)

A detachment of the engineering unit of 3rd Tank Group (attached)

21st River Crossing Material Company (attached)

27th Bridge Building Material Company (attached)

58th Construction Duty Company (attached)

26th Independent Engineering Company (attached)

41st Infantry Regiment (reserve)

5th Reconnaissance Regiment (reserve)

14th Independent Mortar Company (reserve)

1st Tank Regiment (reserve)

2nd Field Hospital (reserve)

4th Field Hospitals (reserve)

Imperial Guards Division (Lt Gen. Takuma Nishimura)

3rd Battalion, 4th Guards Infantry Regiment

3rd Guards Infantry Regiment

3rd Guards Anti-Tank and Regimental Artillery Units

Two companies of 1st Independent Anti-Tank Battalion

One company of Guards Engineer Regiment

A medical unit

2nd Battalion, 5th Guards Infantry Regiment

Regimental Artillery Company

Regimental Anti-Tank Company

14th Tank Regiment

Two companies of the Guards Reconnaissance Regiment

Guards Artillery Regiment (support)

20th Independent Engineer Regiment (attached)

One company from 26th Independent Engineers Regiment (attached)

5th Guards Regiment (reserve)

Commonwealth Order of Battle

The field army that was available to General Percival at the beginning of the campaign consisted of the two divisions of III Indian Corps under Lt Gen. Heath, the two brigades of 8th Australian Division under Maj. Gen. Bennett and one independent infantry brigade under Brigadier Paris. In the last weeks of the campaign Percival received reinforcements in considerable number, including 44th and 45th Indian Brigades, 7,000 Indian and 1,900 Australian replacements, 2/14th Australian Machine Gun Battalion and, on 29 January, the British 18th Division.

Malaya Command (GOC Lt Gen. Percival)

Singapore Fortress (Maj. Gen. Keith Simmons)

1st Malaya Brigade (Brig. G.G.R. Williams)

2nd Battalion, Loyals

1st Battalion, Malay Regiment

2nd Malaya Brigade (Brig. F.H. Fraser)

1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment

2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders

1/7th Dogras

Coast and Anti-Aircraft Artillery

7th Coast Regiment

9th Coast Regiment

16th Defence Regiment

35th Fortress Company

41st Fortress Company

3rd Heavy AA Regiment

1st Heavy AA Regiment (HKSRA)

2nd Heavy AA Regiment (HKSRA)

3rd Light AA Regiment (HKSRA)

1st AA Regiment, Indian Artillery

5th S/L Regiment, Jind Infantry ISF

Kapurthala Infantry ISF

III Indian Corps (Lt Gen. Sir Lewis Heath)

11th Indian Division (Maj. Gen. D. Murray-Lyon)

3rd Cavalry

137th Field Regiment

155th Field Regiment

80th Anti-Tank Regiment

23rd Field Company, Sappers and Miners

43rd Field Park Company

6th Indian Brigade (Brig. W.O. Lay)

22nd Mountain Regiment

17th Field Company, Sappers and Miners

2nd Battalion East Surreys

1/8th Punjab

2/16th Punjab

15th Indian Infantry Brigade (Brig. K.A. Garret)

3rd Field Company, Sappers and Miners

1st Battalion Leicester Regiment

2/9th Jats

1/14th Punjab

3/16th Punjab

9th Indian Division (Maj. Gen. A.E. Barstow)

8th Indian Infantry Brigade (Brig. B.W. Key)

21st Mountain Battery

19th Field Company, Sappers and Miners

2/10th Baluchi

3/17th Dogras

1/13th Frontier Force Rifles

22nd Indian Infantry Brigade (Brig. G.W.A. Painter)

21st Mountain Artillery

22nd Field Company, Sappers and Miners

5/11th Sikhs

2/18th Royal Garwhal Rifles

2/12th Frontier Force Regiment

Penang Fortress (Brig. C.A. Lyon)

11th Coast Regiment

35th Fortress Company

5/14th Punjab

Airfield Defence Troops

1st Bahawalpur Infantry ISF

1st Hyderabad Infantry ISF

1st Mysore Infantry ISF

28th Indian Infantry Brigade (Brig. W. St J. Carpendale)

2/1st Ghurkha Rifles

2/2nd Ghurkha Rifles

2/9th Ghurkha Rifles

12th Indian Infantry Brigade (Brig. A.C.M. Paris)

122th Field Regiment

15th Field Company, Sappers and Miners

2nd Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

5/2nd Punjab

4/19th Hyderabad

8th Australian Division (Maj. Gen. H.G. Bennett)

2/10th Field Regiment

2/15th Field Regiment

4th Anti-Tank Regiment

2/10th Field Company

2/12th Field Company

2/6th Field Park Company

22nd Australian Infantry Brigade (Brig. H.B. Taylor)

2/18th Battalion

2/19th Battalion

2/20th Battalion

27th Australian Infantry Brigade (Brig. D.S. Maxwell)

2/26th Battalion

2/29th Battalion

2/30th Battalion

18th British Division (Maj. Gen. M.B. Beckwith-Smith)

118th Field Regiment RA

135th Field Regiment RA

148th Field Regiment RA

125th Anti-Tank Regiment RA

287th Field Company RE

280th Field Company RE

560th Field Company RE

251st Field Park Company RE

9th Northumberland Fusiliers (Machine Gun Battalion)

18th Battalion

Reconnaissance Battalion

53rd Infantry Brigade (Brig. C.L.B. Duke)

5th Battalion, Royal Norfolk

8th Battalion, Royal Norfolk

2nd Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment

54th Infantry Brigade (Brig. E.H.W. Backhouse)

4th Battalion, Royal Norfolk

4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment

5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment

55th Infantry Brigade (Brig. T.H. Massy-Beresford)

5th Battalion, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

1/5th Sherwood Foresters

1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment

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