Military history

Typical German Infantry Battalion

Battalion Headquarters (5 Officers, 27 men)

Communications Platoon (22 men)

Battalion Supply Train (32 men)

Machine Gun Company (5 Officers, 197 men)

Company HQ (1 Officer, 14 men)

Company Train (17 men)

Mortar Platoon (1 Officer, 61 men)

Three Machine Gun Platoons, each (1 Officer, 35 men)

Three Rifle Companies (4 Officers, 187 men)

Company HQ (1 Officer, 12 men)

Company Supply Train (24 men)

Antitank Rifle Section (7 men)

Three Rifle Platoons, each comprised of;

Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 5 men)

Light Mortar Section (3 men)

Four Rifle Squads, each comprised of 10 men

Total Strength of 861 all ranks (22 Officers and 839 men)

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