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Raiders: World War Two True Stories

Raiders: World War Two True Stories

World War II was the deadliest and bloodiest war in history. Never before or since have so many people made such a personal sacrifice in the line of duty.

Operation Chariot was the most ambitious amphibious raid ever mounted by the British Forces. Attacking the heavily fortified dry dock at St Nazaire in German occupied France, an elite group of commandos battered their way through a maelstrom of bullets and incendiaries. Their boat is punctured by over a hundred shell holes, the dead and wounded lie all around them on the decks, but still their guns are blazing and still they press on...

Chapter 1. Operation Judgement

Chapter 2. Operation Archery (27 December 1941)

Chapter 3. Operation Biting (27 February 1942)

Chapter 4. Operation Gunnerside (16 February 1943)

Chapter 5. Operation Chariot (27/28 March 1942)

Chapter 6. Operation Deadstick (6 June 1944)

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