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The Crimean War: A History

The Crimean War: A History

From "the great storyteller of modern Russian historians," (Financial Times) the definitive account of the forgotten war that shaped the modern age

The Charge of the Light Brigade, Florence Nightingale―these are the enduring icons of the Crimean War. Less well-known is that this savage war (1853-1856) killed almost a million soldiers and countless civilians; that it enmeshed four great empires―the British, French, Turkish, and Russian―in a battle over religion as well as territory; that it fixed the fault lines between Russia and the West; that it set in motion the conflicts that would dominate the century to come.

In this masterly history, Orlando Figes reconstructs the first full conflagration of modernity, a global industrialized struggle fought with unusual ferocity and incompetence. Drawing on untapped Russian and Ottoman as well as European sources, Figes vividly depicts the world at war, from the palaces of St. Petersburg to the holy sites of Jerusalem; from the young Tolstoy reporting in Sevastopol to Tsar Nicolas, haunted by dreams of religious salvation; from the ordinary soldiers and nurses on the battlefields to the women and children in towns under siege..

Original, magisterial, alive with voices of the time, The Crimean War is a historical tour de force whose depiction of ethnic cleansing and the West's relations with the Muslim world resonates with contemporary overtones. At once a rigorous, original study and a sweeping, panoramic narrative, The Crimean War is the definitive account of the war that mapped the terrain for today's world..


Chapter 1: Religious Wars

Chapter 2: Eastern Questions

Chapter 3: The Russian Menace

Chapter 4: The End of Peace in Europe

Chapter 5: Phoney War

Chapter 6: First Blood to the Turks

Chapter 7: Alma

Chapter 8: Sevastopol in the Autumn

Chapter 9: Generals January and February

Chapter 10: Cannon Fodder

Chapter 11: The Fall of Sevastopol

Chapter 12: Paris and the New Order

Epilogue: The Crimean War in Myth and Memory



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