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Waterloo: June 18, 1815: The Battle For Modern Europe

Waterloo: June 18, 1815: The Battle For Modern Europe

June 18, 1815, was one of the most momentous days in world history, marking the end of twenty-two years of French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. On the bloody battlefield of Waterloo, the Emperor Napoleon and his hastily formed legions clashed with the Anglo-Allied armies led by the Duke of Wellington - the only time the two greatest military strategists of their age faced each other in combat.

With precision and elegance, Andrew Roberts sets the political, strategic, and historical scene, providing a breathtaking account of each successive stage of the battle while also examining new evidence that reveals exactly how Napoleon was defeated. Illuminating, authoritative, and engrossing, Waterloo is a masterful work of history.




Chapter 1. The First Phase

Chapter 2. The Second Phase

Chapter 3. The Third Phase

Chapter 4. The Fourth Phase

Chapter 5. The Fifth Phase


APPENDIX I: Major Robert Dick’s Letter from Brussels

APPENDIX II: Captain Fortune Brack’s Letter of 1835

APPENDIX III: The Duke of Wellington’s Waterloo Despatch


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