Inonu, President Ismet, 1884-1974

Inonu was the ruler of Turkey throughout the war and maintained a strict policy of neutrality. From 1942-44 the entry of Turkey into the war on the Allied side was a question that was constantly raised at the Allied conferences. After the Casablanca Conference CHURCHILL met Inonu at Adana on 30/31 January 1943 and proposed aid to Turkey if she would allow the Allies to use air bases to attack Rhodes, but nothing came of these talks. After the Moscow Conference EDEN visited Turkey to apply more pressure to get Turkey to enter the war but this was refused. After Teheran ROOSEVELT and Churchill again tried to persuade Inonu to enter the war and again met with little success. In 1944 Inonu finally made some concessions to the Allies and cut down the export of chrome to Germany and then in August broke off diplomatic relations with Germany. In February 1945 Turkey declared war on Germany at last but her motive was to secure a place at the founding conference of the United Nations and Turkey did not begin and military operations at that late date. Inonu’s policy of neutrality was best for Turkey.

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