Mikolajczyk, Stanislaw, 1901-1967

Mikolajczyk was a Polish statesman who headed the Polish government-in-exile from 1943-44. He had been the leader of the Polish Peasant Party and left Poland in 1939 to join the Polish National Council in Paris. In 1941 he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior in SIKORSKI’s government in London. He was charged with maintaining contact with the Resistance in Poland. After Sikorski’s death, Mikolajczyk became Prime Minister but lacked his predecessor’s authority both with his own people and with his Allies. In November 1944 he resigned because of the Allied lack of support over the Warsaw Uprising and the question of Poland’s Eastern frontier. He was the only major Polish politician in the west to return to Poland after the war where he joined the Lublin Committee. However he was soon purged by the government.

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