Bonhoffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945

Bonhoffer was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. In 1937-9 his Church College had been closed down by Nazis and he was forbidden to write or to publish. He was used by Oster, Admiral CANARIS’ Deputy, to act as a courier. In May 1942 he went to Stockholm on a pass made out by the German Foreign Office and met Bishop Bell of Chichester. On 31 May 1942 he gave details of anti-Nazi conspirators and their plans but he did not realize that Bell was an unsuitable emissary. CHURCHILL would never trust Bell because of his outspoken opposition to the area bombing of Germany. In April 1943 Bonhoffer was arrested and remained in prison until he was court-martialed at Flossenberg prison camp. He was sentenced to death and executed alongside Canaris.

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