Anami, General Korechika, 1887-1945

Anami was Minister of War at the time of the Japanese surrender. He had been ViceMinister of War in 1940 in Prime Minister KONOYE’s Cabinet and had led the military clique which brought TOJO to power.

After Tojo’s fall, Anami was called upon to join SUZUKI’s ‘peace’ Cabinet as War Minister. He was unable to admit to himself that Japan would lose the war and wanted to fight to the bitter end. On 11 August 1945 he issued the following instructions ‘The only thing for us to do is to fight doggedly to the end in this holy war for the defense of our divine land. It is our firm belief that though it may mean chewing grass, eating dirt and sleeping in the field, a resolute fight will surely reveal a way out of a desperate situation.’ He opposed the peace-seeking faction until the Emperor’s pronouncement in favor of peace when he bowed down (11 August 1945). He refused to join a military coup to reverse this decision although his brother-in-law was involved. His failure to join led to the failure of the coup and shortly afterwards he committed suicide (15 August 1945).

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