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A History of the Classical Greek World: 478-323 BC

A History of the Classical Greek World: 478-323 BC

Thoroughly updated and revised, the second edition of this successful and widely praised textbook offers an account of the ‘classical’ period of Greek history, from the aftermath of the Persian Wars in 478 BC to the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC.

  • Two important new chapters have been added, covering life and culture in the classical Greek world
  • Features new pedagogical tools, including textboxes, and a comprehensive chronological table of the West, mainland Greece, and the Aegean
  • Enlarged and additional maps and illustrative material
  • Covers the history of an important period, including: the flourishing of democracy in Athens; the Peloponnesian war, and the conquests of Alexander the Great
  • Focuses on the evidence for the period, and how the evidence is to be interpreted

Chronological Table

Chapter 1. Introduction: Greece Before 478

Chapter 1. Introduction: Classical Greece

Chapter 2. The Formation of the Delian League

Chapter 3. The Peloponnese in the Early Fifth Century

Chapter 4. Athens After the Persian Wars

Chapter 5. The Athenian Empire in the Mid Fifth Century

Chapter 6. Periclean Athens

Chapter 7. The Greeks in the West: The Rise of Syracuse

Chapter 8. The Peloponnesian War: Origins

Chapter 9. The Peloponnesian War: Resources and Strategies

Chapter 10. The Peloponnesian War: 431–421

Chapter 11. The Athens of Cleon

Chapter 12. The Peloponnesian War: 421–413

Chapter 13. The Peloponnesian War: 413–404

Chapter 14. Athens in the Late Fifth Century

Chapter 15. The Athenian Empire: Retrospect

Chapter 16. Life in the Classical Greek World

Chapter 17. Culture in the Classical Greek World

Chapter 18. Introduction to the Fourth Century: The Common Peace

Chapter 19. Sparta’s Imperialism and Collapse

Chapter 20. The Second Athenian League

Chapter 21. Thebes and Northern Greece

Chapter 22. Athens After the Peloponnesian War

Chapter 23. The Western Greeks from Dionysius I to Timoleon

Chapter 24. Philip II of Macedon

Chapter 25. Demosthenic Athens

Chapter 26. Alexander the Great: Sources and Outline

Chapter 27. Alexander the Great: Topics

Chapter 28. Epilogue



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