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Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power

Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power

A military genius worshiped for his courage; a fierce politician admired for his shrewdness and mercy; a brilliant writer and speaker. It's no wonder that in his lifetime, Julius Caesar held the positions of military tribune, praetor, consul, pro‑consul, and dictator. But even his astounding ambition could not make him emperor, though it did achieve the conquest of Cleopatra, ruler of the most fabulous kingdom in all of known civilization. In this biography of Caesar, Bradford steers away from the clichés and legends to cut right to the heart of whom Caesar really was—a man who based his entire existence on the pursuit of power.

Chapter 1: Ancestry and Antecedents

Chapter 2: Beginnings

Chapter 3: A Greek Adventure

Chapter 4: Politics and Money

Chapter 5: The Shape of Ambition

Chapter 6: From Conspirator to Chief Priest

Chapter 7: A State of Crisis

Chapter 8: The Praetor and a Scandal

Chapter 9: Pompey and Caesar

Chapter 10: Caesar’s Consulship

Chapter 11: Proconsul

Chapter 12: The Tools of the Trade

Chapter 13: The First Planned Victories

Chapter 14: Ariovistus and After

Chapter 15: Conquest of the Belgians

Chapter 16: Politics and a Revolt

Chapter 17: From Germany to Britain

Chapter 18: Invasion

Chapter 19: Disturbances in West and East

Chapter 20: The Great Gallic Uprising

Chapter 21: Alesia and an Example in the Dordogne

Chapter 22: Tension and Dissension

Chapter 23: Across the River

Chapter 24: Civil War

Chapter 25: Rome, Marseilles, Spain

Chapter 26: War in Greece

Chapter 27: Pharsalus

Chapter 28: In the East

Chapter 29: Alexandrian Affairs

Chapter 30: Pharnaces and Pompey’s Sons

Chapter 31: Thapsus and Triumph

Chapter 32: Imperious Caesar

Chapter 33: Administrator and General

Chapter 34: Dictator Perpetual

Chapter 35: The Desired Death

Chapter 36: Apotheosis

Chronology of Caesar’s Life

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