New Kingdom       1539–1077 BCE

Eighteenth Dynasty

1539–1292 BCE

Ahmose I (Nebpehtyre)

1539–1515 BCE

Amenhotep I (Djeserkare)

1514–1494 BCE

Thutmose I (Aakheperkare)

1493–1483 BCE

Thutmose II (Aakheperenre)

1482–1480 BCE

Thutmose III (Menkheperre/Menkheperkare)

1479–1460 BCE

Hatshepsut (Maatkare)

1472–1458 BCE

Thutmose III (Menkheperre)

1460–1425 BCE

Amenhotep II (Aakheperure)

1425–1400 BCE

Thutmose IV (Menkheperure)

1400–1390 BCE

Amenhotep III (Nebmaatre)

1390–1353 BCE

Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten (Neferkheperure)

1353–1336 BCE


1336–1334 BCE

Tutankhaten/Tutankhamen (Nebkheperure)

?–1324 BCE

Itnetjer Ay (Kheperkheperure)

1323–1320 BCE

Horemheb (Djeserkheperure)

1319–1292 BCE

Nineteenth Dynasty

1292–1191 BCE

Ramses I (Menpehtyre)

1292–1291 BCE

Seti I (Menmaatre)

1290–1279 BCE

Ramses II (Usermaatre setepenre)

1279–1213 BCE

Merneptah (Baenre)

1213–1203 BCE

Seti II (Userkheperure)

1202–1198 BCE

Amenmesses (Menmire)

1202–1200 BCE

Siptah (Akhenre)

1197–1193 BCE

Tawosret (Sitre merytamen)

1192–1191 BCE

Twentieth Dynasty

1190–1077 BCE

Setnakht (Userkhaure)

1190–1188 BCE

Ramses III (Usermaatre meryamen)

1187–1157 BCE

Ramses IV (Heqamaatre setepenamen)

1156–1150 BCE

Ramses V (Usermaatre sekheperenre)

1149–1146 BCE

Ramses VI (Nebmaatre meryamen)

1145–1139 BCE

Ramses VII (Usermaatre setepenre meryamen)

1138–1131 BCE

Ramses VIII (Usermaatre akhenamen)

1130 BCE

Ramses IX (Neferkare setepenre)

1129–1111 BCE

Ramses X (Khepermaatre setepenre)

1110–1107 BCE

Ramses XI (Menmaatre setepenptah)

1106–1077 BCE

(Based on Erik Hornung, Rolf Krauss, and David A. Warburton, eds., Ancient Egyptian Chronology, Handbook of Oriental Studies, sec. 1, The Near and Middle East [Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2006].)



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