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Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination

Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination

What does it mean to be English? This dazzling book demonstrates that a quintessentially English quality can be discovered in all forms of English culture, not only in literature but also in painting, music, architecture, philosophy and science. 

Introduction: Albion

Patterns of Eternity

Chapter 1: The Tree

Chapter 2: The Radiates

Old English

Chapter 3: Listen!

Chapter 4: Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

Chapter 5: A Rare and Singular Bede

Chapter 6: The Song of the Past

Chapter 7: The Lives of Others

Chapter 8: A Land of Dreams

Chapter 9: A Note on English Melancholy

Chapter 10: The Rolling Hills

Chapter 11: It Rained All Night

Chapter 12: The Prose of the World

Chapter 13: The First Initials

Chapter 14: Anglo-Saxon Attitudes

Middle English

Chapter 15: The Alteration

Chapter 16: He Is Not Dead

The Piety of England

Chapter 17: Faith of Our Fathers

Chapter 18: Old Stone

Chapter 19: Part of the Territory

The Poetry of England

Chapter 20: A Song and a Dance

Chapter 21: Fathers and Sons

Chapter 22: The Foolish Giant

Solitaries and Recusants

Chapter 23: The Mysterious Voice

Chapter 24: The Inheritance

Women and Silence

Chapter 25: The Female Religion

A Renaissance

Chapter 26: But Newly Translated

Chapter 27: The Italian Connection

Mungrell Tendencies

Chapter 28: A Short History of Shakespeare

Chapter 29: And Now for Streaky Bacon

Antiquarianism and English History

Chapter 30: Among the Ruins

Chapter 31: The Conservative Tendency

Chapter 32: A Short History Lesson

In the English Tradition

Chapter 33: The Song of the Sea

Chapter 34: A Brief Excursion

Chapter 35: A Miniature

Chapter 36: I Saw You, Missis

An English Bible

Chapter 37: In the Beginning

Cockney Visionaries

Chapter 38: London Calling

A Wealth of Characters

Chapter 39: An Essay on the Essay

Chapter 40: The Hogarthian Moment

Chapter 41: Some Eminent Novelists

Chapter 42: A Character Study

Chapter 43: The Fine Art of Biography

Women and Anger

Chapter 44: Femality and Fiction


Chapter 45: Blood and Gore

Chapter 46: Ghosts

Philosophy, Mockery and Learning

Chapter 47: Practice Makes Perfect

Chapter 48: Prolix and Prolific

Chapter 49: Some More Dunces

Green England

Chapter 50: The Secret Garden

Looking Backwards

Chapter 51: Forging a Language

Chapter 52: The Romantic Fallacy

Chapter 53: English Music

Epilogue: The Territorial Imperative



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