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Dreiser’s Russian Diary

Dreiser’s Russian Diary

Theodore Dreiser's Russian Diary is an extended record of the American writer's travels throughout the Soviet Union in 1927-28. Dreiser was initially invited to Moscow for a week-long observance of the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution. He asked, and was granted, permission to make an extended tour of the country.

This previously unpublished diary is a firsthand record of life in the USSR during the 1920s as seen by a leading American cultural figure. It is a valuable primary source, surely among the last from this period of modern history.


Chapter 1. En Route

Chapter 2. Moscow

Chapter 3. Leningrad

Chapter 4. Return to Moscow

Chapter 5. Through Russia

Chapter 6. Farewell

Chapter 7. Dreiser’s Farewell Statement

Chapter 8. Emendations

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