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Epinets: The Epistemic Structure and Dynamics of Social Networks

Epinets: The Epistemic Structure and Dynamics of Social Networks

Epinets presents a new way to think about social networks, which focuses on the knowledge that underlies our social interactions. Guiding readers through the web of beliefs that networked individuals have about each other and probing into what others think, this book illuminates the deeper character and influence of relationships among social network participants.

Drawing on artificial intelligence, the philosophy of language, and epistemic game theory, Moldoveanu and Baum formulate a lexicon and array of conceptual tools that enable readers to explain, predict, and shape the fabric and behavior of social networks. With an innovative and strategically-minded look at the assumptions that enable and clog our networks, this book lays the groundwork for a leap forward in our understanding of human relations.

Chapter 1. Why We Need an Epistemic Model of Social Networks

Chapter 2. An Epistemic Description Language for Social Interactions and Networks

Chapter 3. “What Do You Think I Think You Think about It?”

Chapter 4. “I Think You Think I Think You’re Lying”

Chapter 5. “I Know You Think She Thinks I Trust You—But I Don’t”

Chapter 6. “What You May Think We Think We Are Doing Here”



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