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Williams-Chesnut-Manning Papers

Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Samuel A. Agnew Diary

Josiah Gorgas Journal

Avery Family Papers

Gregorie-Elliott Family Papers

Everard Green Baker Diaries

Robert Philip Howell Memoirs

Bayside Plantation Records

Kean-Prescott Family Papers

Jesse and Overton Bernard Diaries

Lenoir Family Papers

John Houston Bills Diary

William Gaston Lewis Papers

Catherine Barbara Broun Diary

Mackay-Stiles Papers

John Hamilton Cornish Diary

Manigault Plantation Records

De Rosset Family Papers

William Porcher Miles Papers

Belle Edmondson Diary

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Grace B. Elmore Diaries

Thomas J. Myers Papers

James J. Philips Collection

George C. Taylor Collection

Quitman Papers

Trenholm Papers

William D. Simpson Papers

James W. White Papers


Anglo-African (New York)

New Era (Washington, D.C.)

Black Republican (New Orleans)

New National Era (Washington, D.C.)

Bulletin (Louisville)

New Orleans Tribune (New Orleans)

Christian Recorder (Philadelphia)

New York Times (New York)

Colored American (Augusta, Ga.)

New York Tribune (New York)

Colored Tennessean (Nashville)

St. Landry Progress (Opelousas, La.)

Douglass’ Monthly (Rochester)

Semi-Weekly Louisianian (New Orleans)

Freedman’s Press (Austin, Texas)

South Carolina Leader (Charleston)

Free Man’s Press (Austin, Texas)

Tennessean (Nashville)

Free Press (Charleston, S.C.)

The Union (New Orleans)

Louisianian (New Orleans)

Weekly Louisianian (New Orleans)

Loyal Georgian (Augusta)

Workingman’s Advocate (Chicago)

Missionary Record (Charleston, S.C.)

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