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The Last Plantagenets (The Plantagenets #4)

The Last Plantagenets (The Plantagenets #4)

The final volume in A History of the Plantagenets covers the century from 1377 to 1485 when civil war ravaged England, rebellious peasants marched on London and wandering preachers sowed dissent in the credulous poor.

The last Plantagenet monarchs governed in violence and confusion. Kings came and went, deposed or murdered. Princes and nobles slaughtered or were slaughtered in bloody battles or private feuds. It was an era of brilliant successes, tragic reverses and wild extravagance.

A History of the Plantagenets includes The Conquering Family, The Magnificent Century, The Three Edwards and The Last Plantagenets.


Chapter 1. A Prince Is Born

Chapter 2. The Struggle over the Succession

Chapter 3. The King Who Lost a Shoe

Chapter 4. Passed Over, Tolerated, Winked At!

Chapter 5. The First English Bible

Chapter 6. When the Bell Was Rungen

Chapter 7. The Blaze Spreads

Chapter 8. The Voice of John Ball

Chapter 9. Not a Blow Struck, Not a Head Broken

Chapter 10. The Boy King Takes Hold

Chapter 11. “I Will Be Your Chief and Captain”

Chapter 12. The Days of Retribution

Chapter 13. The Gay Court of the Young King

Chapter 14. Good Queen Anne

Chapter 15. The Bully of Woodstock

Chapter 16. The Daring Grocer

Chapter 17. The King’s Favorite

Chapter 18. England Faces Invasion

Chapter 19. The Merciless Parliament

Chapter 20. The King Raises a Hand

Chapter 21. The Death of Good Queen Anne

Chapter 22. The Days of Development

Chapter 23. “I Shall Then Be a Great Lady”

Chapter 24. The King Strikes

Chapter 25. “Vengeance Is Mine, I Will Repay”

Chapter 26. The Absolute King

Chapter 27. Two of the Five

Chapter 28. The Great Mistakes

Chapter 29. The King Had No Horses and No Men

Chapter 30. The Little Queen Fights for the Throne

Chapter 31. The King Who Lost His Life


Chapter 1. A Sick King and a Dull Reign

Chapter 2. The Welsh Magician

Chapter 3. The King and Fair Kate

Chapter 4. The Red and the White

Chapter 5. The Gentle Henry

Chapter 6. The Fourth Edward

Chapter 7. The Kingmaker

Chapter 8. The Queen of Sorrows and Enmities

Chapter 9. The Butt of Malmsey

Chapter 10. William Caxton


Chapter 1. The Whipping Boy

Chapter 2. How It Began

Chapter 3. Throwing the Book

Chapter 4. The King Is Dead, Long Live the King

Chapter 5. Richard Takes the Throne

Chapter 6. A Short and Unhappy Reign

Chapter 7. On Bosworth Field

Chapter 8. Some Curious Measures and Omissions

Chapter 9. The Murder of the Princes

Chapter 10. The Great Impersonations

Chapter 11. The Hired Historian

Chapter 12. The Bones in the Tower

Chapter 13. The Evidence of an Eyewitness

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