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A History of the Roman World 753-146 BC

A History of the Roman World 753-146 BC

This definitive study from the author of From the Gracchi to Nero, examines the period from the foundation of Rome to the fall of Carthage. An accessible introduction to these centuries of change, this book will also be useful as context for those studying later developments in Roman history.



I - The Land and Its Peoples

Chapter 1. The land

Chapter 2. Early man

Chapter 3. The Copper and Bronze Ages

Chapter 4. The Early Iron Age Villanovans

Chapter 5. The Italic peoples

Chapter 6. Greeks, Phoenicians and Celts

Chapter 7. The Etruscans

Chapter 8. Etruscan culture

Chapter 9. The Etruscan Empire

Chapter 10. Early Latium

II - Regal Rome

Chapter 1. The foundation of Rome: archaeological evidence

Chapter 2. The foundation of Rome: the legends

Chapter 3. The early kings

Chapter 4. The sixth-century kings

Chapter 5. Etruscan Rome

Chapter 6. Nobles, commons and the priesthood

Chapter 7. Political organization

Chapter 8. The fall of the monarchy

III - The New Republic and the Struggle of the Orders

Chapter 1. The Republican government

Chapter 2. Land and debt

Chapter 3. A state within the state

Chapter 4. The decemvirs and law

Chapter 5. The weakening of patrician control

IV - The Roman Republic and its Neighbours

Chapter 1. The Triple Alliance

Chapter 2. The Sabines, Aequi and Volsci

Chapter 3. The duel with Veii

Chapter 4. The Gallic catastrophe

Chapter 5. The recovery of Rome

Chapter 6. Rome’s widening horizon

Chapter 7. The end of the Latin League

V - The Union of the Orders and the Constitution

Chapter 1. Economic distress

Chapter 2. Victories of the plebeians

Chapter 3. Social and political adjustments

Chapter 4. The magistrates and Senate

Chapter 5. The assemblies and people

VI - Rome’s Conquest and Organization of Italy

Chapter 1. Rome and Campania

Chapter 2. The Great Samnite War

Chapter 3. Rome’s triumphant advance

Chapter 4. The Greeks of southern Italy

Chapter 5. The Italian adventure of Pyrrhus

Chapter 6. The end of pre-Roman Italy

Chapter 7. The Roman confederacy


VII - The First Struggle

Chapter 1. The Carthaginian Empire

Chapter 2. Carthage

Chapter 3. The causes of the war

Chapter 4. Rome’s naval offensive

Chapter 5. Rome’s offensive in Africa

Chapter 6. Stalemate and checkmate

VIII - The Entr’acte

Chapter 1. The province of Sicily

Chapter 2. Carthage and the Sardinian question

Chapter 3. Rome and the Gauls

Chapter 4. The Illyrian pirates

Chapter 5. The Punic Empire in Spain

Chapter 6. The causes of the Second Punic War

IX - Hannibal’s Offensive and Rome’s Defensive

Chapter 1. Hannibal’s invasion of northern Italy

Chapter 2. Hannibal in central Italy

Chapter 3. The Scipios and Spain

Chapter 4. The extension of the war to Macedon

Chapter 5. Marcellus and Sicily

Chapter 6. Fabius and Rome’s defensive

X - Scipio and Rome’s Offensive

Chapter 1. Scipio’s conquest of Spain

Chapter 2. The war in Italy

Chapter 3. The Roman offensive in Africa

Chapter 4. Victory and peace


XI - Rome and Greece

Chapter 1. The Hellenistic world

Chapter 2. The outbreak of war

Chapter 3. The causes of the war

Chapter 4. The Second Macedonian War

Chapter 5. The settlement of Greece

XII - Rome and Antiochus

Chapter 1. The diplomatic conflict

Chapter 2. The war in Greece

Chapter 3. The war in Asia

Chapter 4. The settlement of the east

XIII - Rome and the Eastern Mediterranean

Chapter 1. The growing tension

Chapter 2. The Third Macedonian War

Chapter 3. The Hellenistic east

Chapter 4. The end of Greek independence

XIV - Rome, Italy and the Western Mediterranean

Chapter 1. The northern frontier

Chapter 2. Cato and Gracchus in Spain

Chapter 3. The Celtiberian and Lusitanian Wars

Chapter 4. The Numantine War

Chapter 5. Carthage and Masinissa

Chapter 6. Delenda est Carthago

Chapter 7. The fall of Carthage

XV - Roman Policy and the Government

Chapter 1. Home policy

Chapter 2. Foreign policy and the provinces

Chapter 3. The senatorial oligarchy

Chapter 4. The rival families


XVI - Economic and Social Organization

Chapter 1. Agriculture

Chapter 2. Warfare

Chapter 3. Commerce and industry

Chapter 4. Currency and finance

Chapter 5. Slavery

Chapter 6. Family life

Chapter 7. Greek influences

Chapter 8. The city

Chapter 9. Law

XVII - Literature and Art

Chapter 1. Early Latin

Chapter 2. The poets

Chapter 3. Prose writers

Chapter 4. Art

XVIII - Roman Religion

Chapter 1. The religion of the family

Chapter 2. The religion of the state

Chapter 3. Foreign cults

XIX - Sources and Authorities

Chapter 1. Archaeology and inscriptions

Chapter 2. Calendars and Fasti

Chapter 3. The historians

Chapter 4. Sources

Chapter 5. Chronology



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