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Analyzing Moral Issues

Analyzing Moral Issues

In Analyzing Moral Issues, the author continues to combine a moral-issues approach to teaching ethics with a solid foundation in moral theory and reasoning. The 7th edition has been updated with new readings and cases pertinent to the issues of today, including income inequality, racism, freedom of speech, and drug and alcohol use. AMI anchors students' understanding of ethics in a broad perspective of traditions, including virtue ethics (Aristotelian and Confucian, Buddhist and feminist care ethics), deontology, utilitarianism, and Rawlsian ethics. Using primary source material and cases to illustrate these traditions gives students the opportunity to practice making real-life moral decisions.

Part I. Introduction to Moral Philosophy

Chapter 1. Moral Theory

Chapter 2. Abortion

Part II. Analyzing Moral Issues

Chapter 3. Euthanasia

Chapter 4. The Death Penalty

Chapter 5. Drug and Alcohol Use

Chapter 6. Feminism, Motherhood, and the Workplace

Chapter 7. Freedom of Speech

Chapter 8. Racism, Economic Inequality, and Global Justice

Chapter 9. War, Weapons, and Terrorism

Chapter 10. Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics


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