Modern history

Act Up!: The War Against HIV in the LGBTQ + Community

Act Up!: The War Against HIV in the LGBTQ + Community

The prejudice of the U.S. government and medical community allowed a disease that could have been contained to spread into a global pandemic. Readers will follow this devastating disease from its recently refuted origins in gay communities all the way to the current medical developments. This book will also describe how a powerful LGBTQ+ activist movement diverted its attention to the wreckage caused by the HIV and AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 90s. The history of disease is one that commonly receives too little attention in curricula, yet it has a huge impact on the development of our society.


Chapter 1. A New Conservative Agenda

Chapter 2. The Search for Answers

Chapter 3. AIDS and the Fight against Stigma

Chapter 4. Dealing with It Alone

Chapter 5. Changing the Face of AIDS

Chapter 6. Education and Medication

Chapter 7. The Future of AIDS



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