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The Oxford History of Modern China

The Oxford History of Modern China

China is the world's most populous country and newest superpower, whose place on the international stage can only be understood through the lens of its modern history.

The Oxford History of Modern China is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand this rising power in what promises to be the 'Chinese century'. Covering the period of dramatic shifts and surprising transformations which comprise China's modern history, the book spans from the founding of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) to the present day. It introduces readers to important but often overlooked events in China's past, such as the bloody Taiping Civil War (1850-1864), and also sheds new light on more familiar landmarks in Chinese history, such as the Opium War (1839-1842), the Boxer Uprising of 1900, the rise to power of the Chinese Communist Party in 1949, the Tiananmen protests and Beijing Massacre of 1989, and China's rise to economic superpower status in the 21st century. A new chapter for this edition brings the story into the era of Xi Jinping.


Chapter 1. From Late Ming to High Qing, 1550–1792

Chapter 2. New Domestic and Global Challenges, 1792–1860

Chapter 3. Restoration and Reform, 1860–1900

Chapter 4. Felling a Dynasty, Founding a Republic

Chapter 5. The Rise of Nationalism and Revolutionary Parties, 1919–1937

Chapter 6. The War Years, 1937–1949

Chapter 7. The Early Years of the People’s Republic, 1950–1964

Chapter 8. The Cultural Revolution Era, 1964–1976

Chapter 9. Reform and Rebuilding, 1976–1988

Chapter 10. Tiananmen and its Aftermath, 1989–1999

Chapter 11. China Rising, 2000–2010

Chapter 12. The People’s Leader The Xi Jinping Era of Chinese Politics

The Presence of the Past–A Coda

Timeline of Modern Chinese Political History

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