Military history

The Few: Fight for the Skies

The Few: Fight for the Skies

In this new pictorial history from Philip Kaplan, the perspectives of both RAF and Luftwaffe airmen are considered within the wider context of one of the most iconic and pivotal conflicts of modern history.

The Blitz, primarily the bombing of London and the major cities of Britain by the German Air Force, lasted for fifty-seven nights from September 1940 into May 1941. Life under the bombing; the perspectives of German and British airmen; the experience of sheltering in the London Underground; firsthand accounts of the horror by survivors left behind; all these voices are consolidated to great effect, providing a suitable commentary to the rare archive photography on display.

Accounts and photographs of some of the most notable participants caught up in the proceedings include; Al Deere, Geoffrey Page, Brian Kingcome, Peter Townsend, Bob Doe and Ginger Lacey.

Chapter 1. Eagles

Chapter 2. Peter Townsend

Chapter 3. Defence Versus Offfence

Chapter 4. Eyewitness

Chapter 5. They Also Fought For Britain

Chapter 6. Punishing The British

Chapter 7. A Battle of Britain and Blitz Gallery

Chapter 8. It Just Stopped

Chapter 9. Keith Park

Chapter 10. The Few

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