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Einstein For Dummies

Einstein For Dummies

In 1905, Albert Einstein revolutionized modern physics with his theory of relativity. He went on to become a twentieth-century icon-a man whose name and face are synonymous with "genius." Now, at last, ordinary readers can explore Einstein's life and work in this new For Dummies guide. Physicist Carlos Calle chronicles Einstein's career and explains his work-including the theories of special and general relativity-in language that anyone can understand. He shows how Einstein's discoveries affected everything from the development of the atom bomb to the theory of quantum mechanics. He sheds light on Einstein's personal life and beliefs, including his views on religion and politics. And he shows how Einstein's work continues to affect our world today, from nuclear power to space travel to artificial intelligence.


Part I: A Genius Awakens

Chapter 1: Who Was Einstein?

Chapter 2: Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Man

Chapter 3: 1905: Einstein’s Miracle Year

Part II: On the Shoulders of Giants: What Einstein Learned in School

Chapter 4: A Clockwork Universe

Chapter 5: The Arrow of Time

Chapter 6: Einstein’s Most Fascinating Subject

Chapter 7: And There Was Light

Part III: The Special Theory of Relativity

Chapter 8: Relativity Before Einstein

Chapter 9: Riding on a Beam of Light

Chapter 10: Clocks, Trains, and Automobiles: Exploring Space and Time

Chapter 11: The Equation

Part IV: The General Theory of Relativity

Chapter 12: Einstein’s Second Theory of Relativity

Chapter 13: “Black Holes Ain’t So Black”

Chapter 14: Was Einstein Right about Relativity?

Part V: The Quantum and the Universe

Chapter 15: Atoms Before Einstein

Chapter 16: Quantum Leap: God Plays Dice

Chapter 17: Einstein and the Bomb

Chapter 18: Einstein’s Greatest Blunder

Chapter 19: Not a Blunder After All

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten Insights into Einstein’s Beliefs on Religion and Philosophy

Chapter 21: Ten Women Who Influenced Einstein

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Einstein Timeline

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