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World History For Dummies

World History For Dummies

Now updated–the one–stop guide to significant events in world history

Written for students and lifelong learners, this detailed overview of human history takes readers from the discovery of fire to the birth of the Internet. It features new coverage of significant events that have reshaped our world view: the events of September 11, 2001; the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; recent responses climate change; the rise of China, India, and Brazil as world economic powers; and the natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka and Indonesia. It also explores the current trends in historical research and how researchers are re–examining everything from the writings of Marco Polo to the arrival of humans in the Americas.


Part I: Getting into History

Chapter 1. Tracing a Path to the Present

Chapter 2. Digging Up Reality

Chapter 3. Putting History into Perspective

Part II: Finding Strength in Numbers

Chapter 4. Getting Civilized

Chapter 5. The Rise and Fall of Many Empires

Chapter 6. History’s Mid-Life Crisis: The Middle Ages

Chapter 7. The Struggle for World Domination

Chapter 8. Grabbing the Globe

Chapter 9. Clashing All Around the World

Part III: Seeking Answers

Chapter 10. Religion through the Ages

Chapter 11. Loving Wisdom: The Rise and Reach of Philosophy

Chapter 12. Being Christian, Thinking Greek

Chapter 13. Awakening to the Renaissance

Chapter 14. Making a Break: The Reformation

Chapter 15. Opening Up to Science and Enlightenment

Part IV: Fighting, Fighting, Fighting

Chapter 16. Sticks and Stones: Waging War the Old-Fashioned Way

Chapter 17. The War Machine Gets Some Upgrades

Chapter 18. Modernized Mayhem

Part V: Meeting the Movers and Shakers

Chapter 19. Starting Something Legendary

Chapter 20. Battling Toward Immortality

Chapter 21. Explorers and Discoverers: Places to Go, People to See

Chapter 22. Turning Tables: Rebels and Revolutionaries

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 23. Ten Unforgettable Dates in History

Chapter 24. Ten Essential Historical Documents

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