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To Find a Pasqueflower: A Story of the Tallgrass Prairie

To Find a Pasqueflower: A Story of the Tallgrass Prairie

The tallgrass prairie once stretched from Indiana to Kansas to Minnesota. Most of this land is now growing corn and soybeans. In To Find a Pasqueflower, Greg Hoch shows us that the tallgrass prairie is the most endangered ecosystem on the continent, but it’s also an ecosystem that people can play an active role in restoring.

Hoch blends history, culture, and science into a unified narrative of the tallgrass prairie, with an emphasis on humans’ participation in its development and destruction. Hoch also demonstrates how variable and dynamic the prairie is, creating both challenges and opportunities for those who manage and restore and appreciate it.


Chapter 1. Prairie, People, and Perceptions

Chapter 2. Where the Prairie Begins

Chapter 3. Where the Prairie Ends

Chapter 4. Historic Prairie Fires

Chapter 5. A Stable, Balanced, Cooperative Equilibrium

Chapter 6. Prairie Flora

Chapter 7. Modern Fires, Plant Community, and Productivity

Chapter 8. Prairie Remnants

Chapter 9. Prairie Belowground

Chapter 10. Prairie Beasts

Chapter 11. Prairie Feathers

Chapter 12. Prairie Insects

Chapter 13. Patches, Mosaics, and Management

Chapter 14. Prairie Trees

Chapter 15. Prairie Restoration

Chapter 16. New Advocates for Prairie Conservation


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