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Cricket: The Game of Life: Every reason to celebrate

Cricket: The Game of Life: Every reason to celebrate

Scyld Berry draws on his experiences as a cricket writer of forty years to produce new insights and unfamiliar historical angles on the game, along with moving reflections on episodes from his own life.

The author covers a range of themes including cricket in different areas of the world, and abstract concepts such as language, numbers, ethics and psychology; Scyld Berry relishes the joys cricket provides and is convinced of the positive effect it can have in people's lives.

Cricket: The Game of Life is an inspiring book that reminds readers why they love the game and prompts them to look at it in a new way.

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Chapter 1. Love’s Labour Not Lost

Chapter 2. Where and Why the Game Grew

Chapter 3. Australia’s Ardent Desire

Chapter 4. Bombay Mix

Chapter 5. Hot Like Fire

Chapter 6. He Babbled of Green Fields

Chapter 7. Numbers

Chapter 8. The Spirit of Cricket

Chapter 9. A Thing of Beauty

Chapter 10. The Ultimate Test of Character

Chapter 11. The Time of My Life

Selected Dates in Cricket History


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