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Storey’s Guide to Training Horses

Storey’s Guide to Training Horses

Safely and successfully train your own horse. Guiding you through all aspects of the training process, Heather Smith Thomas offers expert tips on everything from ground work to galloping. Stressing the importance of understanding equine behavior, Storey’s Guide to Training Horses provides a series of progressive exercises that can easily be adjusted to suit your horse’s personality. Whether you’re raising an animal for farm work, competition, or show, you’ll learn everything you need to develop a well-trained and happy horse.


Chapter 1. Basic Safety Practices

Chapter 2. Horse Sense and Training Psychology

Chapter 3. Handling and Training the Foal

Chapter 4. Handling and Training the Weanling

Chapter 5. The Yearling and the Two-Year-Old

Chapter 6. Ground Work Before Riding

Chapter 7. Bits and Their Uses

Chapter 8. Bitting and Driving

Chapter 9. First Mounted Lessons

Chapter 10. First Rides in the Open

Chapter 11. The Walk

Chapter 12. The Trot

Chapter 13. Lightness and Collection

Chapter 14. The Gallop, the Canter, and the Lope

Chapter 15. Further Schooling

Chapter 16. Trailer Training

Chapter 17. Retraining the Spoiled Horse




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