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Churchill: History in an Hour

Churchill: History in an Hour

Sir Winston Churchill was a soldier, journalist, writer, Nobel Prize winner and, above all, a leader. Conservative then Liberal then Conservative again, his political instincts won him a sustained career at the summit of British government, while his resolve and politics of personality made him broadly regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century.

With his early radicalism, bold decisions regarding the Gold Standard and Iron curtain analysis, Churchill was, for many, a highly controversial figure.

Chapter 1: Youth: 1874–1895

Chapter 2: The 4th Hussars: 1895–1899

Chapter 3: Young Radical: Early Political Career, 1899–1914

Chapter 4: The First World War: 1914–1918

Chapter 5: Recrossing the Floor: The Journey Back to the Conservatives, 1919–1924

Chapter 6: High Office: 1924–1929

Chapter 7: In the Wilderness: 1929–1938

Chapter 8: Birth of a Legend: 1939–1941

Chapter 9: Striding the Global Stage: 1942–1945

Chapter 10: Declining Years: 1945–1965

Chapter 11: Legacy

Appendix 1: Key Players

Appendix 2: Timeline – The Life of Sir Winston Churchill

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