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Hume’s Reception in Early America: Expanded Edition

Hume’s Reception in Early America: Expanded Edition

Hume's Reception in Early America: Expanded Edition brings together the original American responses to one of Britain's greatest men of letters, David Hume. Now available as a single volume paperback, this new edition includes updated further readings suggestions and dozens of additional primary sources gathered together in a completely new concluding section.

From complete pamphlets and booklets, to poems, reviews, and letters, to extracts from newspapers, religious magazines and literary and political journals, this book's contents come from a wide variety of sources published in colonial America and the early United States between 1758 and 1850. As well as classics by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, it contains scores of unknown and hard-to-locate items, many of which have not been reprinted since their original publication. These responses are divided into four parts covering Hume's Essays; his Philosophical Writings; his History of England; and his Character and Death. Each of those parts has a separate introductory essay, and every selection is introduced by a short headnote that sets the piece in its historical context and provides bibliographical references.

Packed with new insights into Hume and American thought and culture, Hume's Reception in Early America reveals the relevance and impact of Hume on American political, philosophical, historical, religious, and aesthetic debates.

Part I: Early American Responses to Hume’s Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary

Chapter 1. Dispute about the Tragedy of Douglas

Chapter 2. Natural Inferiority of Blacks

Chapter 3. Every Man Ought to be Supposed a Knave

Chapter 4. Observations on the Liberty of the Press

Chapter 5. A Complicated Aristocracy

Chapter 6. Cementing the Union

Chapter 7. First American Edition of Hume’s Essays

Chapter 8. Genius and Passion

Chapter 9. For and Against Luxury

Chapter 10. Arts and Sciences under a Free Government

Chapter 11. Euthanasia of the British Government

Part II: Early American Responses to Hume’s Philosophical Writings

Chapter 12. Jonathan Edwards a Humean

Chapter 13. Remarks Upon Hume’s Essay on Miracles

Chapter 14. Nature, and Danger, of Infidel Philosophy

Chapter 15. Celebrated Objection of Mr. Hume to the Miracles of the Gospel

Chapter 16. Hume on Experience

Chapter 17. With all your Philosophy be still a Man

Chapter 18. Hume on Cause and Effect

Chapter 19. Hume’s Science of the Mind

Chapter 20. Channing on Hume

Chapter 21. Hume a Lubricous Philosopher

Chapter 22. A Search of Truth in the Science of the Human Mind

Chapter 23. Miracles Capable of Proof from Testimony

Chapter 24. Chalmers on Hume

Chapter 25. Kant Expands upon Hume’s Scepticism

Chapter 26. An Examination of Hume’s Argument on the Subject of Miracles

Chapter 27. Review of Lawrence on Hume on Miracles

Chapter 28. Hopkins on Hume

Part III: Early American Responses to Hume’s History of England

Chapter 29. A Certain Historian of Our Own Times

Chapter 30. Power Like This

Chapter 31. Hume on the English Constitution

Chapter 32. Progress of Freedom

Chapter 33. Review of First American Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 34. Parallel between Hume, Robertson and Gibbon

Chapter 35. Hume and Burnet

Chapter 36. On Hume and Robertson

Chapter 37. Hume on Tyranny: The Tudors and the Stuarts

Chapter 38. Jefferson on Hume’s History

Chapter 39. Hume’s History: An English Classic

Chapter 40. Hume’s Prose: “Tame and Uninteresting”

Chapter 41. Hume and Robertson Compared

Chapter 42. Hume and Dryden

Chapter 43. Hume on Religion as a Cause of the English Civil War

Chapter 44. History and Hume

Chapter 45. Hume’s History of England

Chapter 46. Review of Hume and Smollet Abridged

Chapter 47. Sophistry and Misrepresentations of Mr Hume

Chapter 48. Constitutional History

Chapter 49. Power of the Historian

Chapter 50. Parallel between Hume and Robertson

Chapter 51. Hume: Philosophical Historian?

Chapter 52. Criticisms of Hume on the Puritans and Charles I

Chapter 53. Hume, As Historian

Chapter 54. Knickerbocker’s review of the 1849 Boston edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 55. Graham’s review of volumes 1–4 of the 1849 Boston edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 56. Graham’s review of volume 5 of the 1849 Boston edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 57. The North American Review’s review of the 1849 Boston edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 58. The New Englander’s review of the 1850 New York edition of Hume’s History

Part IV: Early American Responses to Hume’s Character and Death

Chapter 59. Contrast between the Death of a Deist and a Christian

Chapter 60. Hume (David, Esq;) A Late Celebrated Philosopher and Historian Anonymous

Chapter 61. Hume and Bishop Horne

Chapter 62. Hume, Who Practised what he Preached

Chapter 63. Hume a Fanatic

Chapter 64. A Tear to Hume

Chapter 65. Hume and Burnet

Chapter 66. On the Death of David Hume

Chapter 67. Remarks on Hume and Finley

Chapter 68. Hume’s Life: The True Practical Philosophy

Chapter 69. Last Days of Hume

Chapter 70. Contrast between the Death of a Deist and the Death of a Christian

Chapter 71. Considerations on the Contrast

Chapter 72. More of the “Contrast”

Chapter 73. Adversaria: “Hume and Finley”

Chapter 74. Death of Hume

Chapter 75. Anecdotes of Infidel Morality

Chapter 76. Anecdote of David Hume

Chapter 77. Hume a Pessimist

Chapter 78. Anecdote of Hume

Chapter 79. Beasley on Hume’s Death

Chapter 80. Gibbon, Voltaire, Hume

Chapter 81. Original Anecdote

Chapter 82. Hume’s Sceptical Character

Chapter 83. Hume an Honorable Sceptic

Chapter 84. Death-Bed of Hume

Chapter 85. Hume, Voltaire, and Rousseau

Chapter 86. Hume’s Character and Writings Defended

Chapter 87. Hume’s Death Defended

Part V: Addendum: Additional Material for the Expanded Edition

Chapter 88. Hume, the Idol of Historic Taste

Chapter 89. To Bring Home your Hume

Chapter 90. Hume on Civil Liberty

Chapter 91. Hume’s History Claims Superior Notice

Chapter 92. What Think you of David Hume, Sir?

Chapter 93. Haughty Hume

Chapter 94. Hume’s Sketch of Jane Shore

Chapter 95. Read Hume’s History

Chapter 96. Reading Hume equals Death, by Hanging

Chapter 97. Illustrating Hume’s Observations of Anne Bullen

Chapter 98. Hume’s Essay “On Miracles” Harrowed up from the Gulph of Oblivion

Chapter 99. Critical Remarks on Hume

Chapter 100. Hume Took Away all Foundation

Chapter 101. Hume on Spenser’s Faery Queen

Chapter 102. History a Proper Object of Female Pursuit

Chapter 103. Hume on the Rise of America

Chapter 104. Two Men Travelling on the Highway

Chapter 105. Historical Characters: False Representations of Nature

Chapter 106. Hannah More’s Stricture upon Hume’s History

Chapter 107. Hume’s History, Dangerous to the American Reader

Chapter 108. Professing Themselves to be Wise, They Became Fools

Chapter 109. Hume’s Housekeeper

Chapter 110. Hume’s Pretended Calm

Chapter 111. Hume and his Mother

Chapter 112. Chargeable with the Sins of Omission, and Commission

Chapter 113. An Infidel! What is That?

Chapter 114. Infidelity for the Million

Chapter 115. Life and Writings of David Hume

Chapter 116. Review of Lawrence’s Examination of Hume on Miracles

Chapter 117. A Saint Amidst the Benighted Pagans

Chapter 118. Hume and the Puritans

Chapter 119. The Independent’s Review of the 1849 Boston Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 120. The Christian Register’s Review of the 1849 Boston Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 121. The American Literary Magazine’s Review of the 1849 Boston Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 122. The Christian Examiner’s Review of the 1849 Boston Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 123. Sartain’s Union Magazine’s Review of the 1849 Boston Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 124. The Merchant’s Magazine’s Review of the 1850 New York Edition of Hume’s History

Chapter 125. Hume’s Splendid Tomb

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