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US Carrier War: Design, Development and Operations

US Carrier War: Design, Development and Operations

This book covers all aspects of the operations made by US aircraft carriers, from their introduction into service during WW1 to the continuing conflicts in the Middle East. America's part in WW1 saw the deployment of US Navy aircraft operating from coastal bases - mainly Curtiss flying boats. In the immediate postwar period the first aircraft carriers were commissioned; Langley, Saratoga and Lexington.

After the wreckage had settled in the mud of Pearl Harbor, US Navy fighters engaged the Japanese for the first time at Wake Island. Japan continued its conquest of the Pacific countries and Islands throughout 1941. The USN then went on the offensive when two carriers attacked the Gilbert-Marshall Islands, and the Doolittle raid against Japan was launched from USS Hornet. During the Battle of Coral Sea the US Navy achieved a significant victory. Meanwhile in the Atlantic, US Carriers including Wasp and Ranger undertook escort duties across Atlantic. The latter also helped with the supply of Spitfires to Malta.

Post WW2 actions included the War in Korea when the US Navy deployed for operations covering combat on both the east and west coasts. During the War over Vietnam USMC and US Navy aircraft were deployed from carriers against targets in North and South Vietnam. Most recent carrier deployments include both Gulf Wars and continuing middle-eastern conflicts.

Appendices include technical details of USN carriers and the aircraft types flown.

Chapter 1. Origins and Development

Chapter 2. Neutrality and Atlantic Crossings

Chapter 3. War in the Pacific: Attack and Fightback

Chapter 4. War in the Pacific: Turning Point to Victory

Chapter 5. War in the Pacific: Battles and Defeats

Chapter 6. War in the Pacific: The Setting of the Rising Sun

Chapter 7. Police Action in Korea

Chapter 8. Further Korean Carrier Operations

Chapter 9. Vietnam – A Long-Drawn-Out Affair

Chapter 10. From Desert Storm to the Future

Appendix 1. Primary Carrier Aircraft of the US Navy

Appendix 2. US Navy Aircraft Carriers

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