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Alexander the Great in his World

Alexander the Great in his World

Teachers and writers of ancient Mediterranean history are drawn, if not willingly then by the interests of their students and readers, to the subject of Alexander III of Macedon. People have an ardent desire to know as much as possible about this man who altered the course of history in his brief lifetime. He has held a prominent place in courses of mine and I admit to two minor publications examining particular aspects of his career. However, I do not belong to the cadre of Alexander specialists nor was it my intent to write an account of his career and nature. That is, it was not even a latent plan until serendipity intervened.


Chapter 1. Basic Facts, Generally Uncontested, of Alexander’s Life

Chapter 2. Being Macedonian

Chapter 3. Being an Argead

Chapter 4. Being a Neighbor of Greece

Chapter 5. Surviving by Might

Chapter 6. Meeting the Distant Threat

Chapter 7. Reconstructing Alexander

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