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Soil Microbiology

Soil Microbiology

An updated text exploring the properties of the soil microbial community.

Today, the environmentally oriented specialties of microbiology are shifting from considering a single or a few microbial species to focusing on the entire microbial community and its interactions. The third edition of Soil Microbiology has been fully revised and updated to reflect this change, with a new focus on microbial communities and how they impact global ecology.

The third edition still provides thorough coverage of basic soil microbiology principles, yet the textbook also expands students' understanding of the role the soil microbial community plays in global environmental health and human health. They can also learn more about the techniques used to conduct analysis at this level.

Readers will benefit from the edition's expanded use of figures and tables as well as the recommendations for further reading found within each chapter.

  • Considers the impact of environmental perturbations on microbial community structure as well as the implications for soil system functions.
  • Discusses the impact of soil microbial communities on food and health related issues.
  • Emphasizes the importance of soil microbial communities on the sustainability of terrestrial ecosystems and solutions to global issues.

This third edition is a suitable text for those studying soil microbiology and soil ecology at the undergraduate or graduate level. It also serves as a valuable reference tool for professionals working in the fields of reclamation and soil management.


Chapter 1. Soil Ecosystems: Physical and Chemical Boundaries

Chapter 2. The Soil Ecosystem: Biological Participants

Chapter 3. Microbial Diversity of Soil Ecosystems

Chapter 4. Energy Transformations Supporting Growth and Survival of Soil Microbes

Chapter 5. Process Control in Soil

Chapter 6. Soil Enzymes: Basic Principles and Their Applications

Chapter 7. Microbial Interactions and Community Development and Resilience

Chapter 8. The Rhizosphere/Mycorrhizosphere

Chapter 9. Introduction to the Biogeochemical Cycles

Chapter 10. The Carbon Cycle

Chapter 11. The Nitrogen Cycle : Mineralization, Immobilization, and Nitrification

Chapter 12. Nitrogen Fixation: The Gateway to Soil Nitrogen Cycling

Chapter 13. Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Chapter 14. Denitrification

Chapter 15. Fundamentals of the Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Mineral Cycles

Chapter 16. Soil Microbes: Optimizers of Soil System Sustainability and Reparation of Damaged Soils

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