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The Historical Jesus for Dummies 1st Edition

The Historical Jesus for Dummies 1st Edition

Was Jesus of Nazareth a real person? Did all of the events described in the gospels really happen? How was the world Jesus lived in different from our own? In The Historical Jesus For Dummies, you'll discover the answers to these questions and hundreds more.

This accessible, plain-English guide to the life and times of Jesus paints a vibrant picture of his world, examining records in the New Testament and Roman history as well as recent archeological finds that shed new light on his life. You'll find informative explanations of Jesus's birth, infancy, and childhood; meet his followers and enemies; learn about his teachings and miracles, and discover how modern scholars and historians have arrived at these conclusions. This fascinating primer to the real-life Jesus explores: The different stories of Jesus in the gospels The three quests for the historical Jesus The miracles of Jesus Jewish society and the influence of Rome in Jesus's time The Roman practice of crucifixion The politics of Roman-occupied Judea What people though of Jesus when he was alive The Gnostic gospels and other non-biblical texts of the time The top controversies surrounding Jesus Portrayals of Jesus in art and film.

Complete with a concise account of the spread of Christianity throughout the world, The Historical Jesus For Dummies puts you in touch with the human Jesus who walked the earth and whose teachings changed the world.


Part I - Piecing Together the Jesus Story

Chapter 1. Meeting the Man from Nazareth

Chapter 2. Comparing the Gospels: A Biblical Biography of Jesus

Chapter 3. Pursuing the Historical Jesus in the Gospels

Chapter 4. Sharing in the Quests: Appreciating Modern Scholars' Efforts

Chapter 5. Checking the Sources for Evidence of Jesus

Part II - Reconstructing the World of Jesus

Chapter 6. Introducing the Great and Powerful Rome

Chapter 7. Taking a Snapshot of Jewish Society in Jesus's Time

Chapter 8. Feeling Rome's Influence

Part III - Exploring the Life of Jesus the Jew

Chapter 9. Examining Jesus's Family and Early Life

Chapter 10. Starting a New Movement

Chapter 11. Teaching Wisdom and Telling Tales

Chapter 12. Working Miracles and Confounding Crowds

Part IV - Witnessing Jesus's Execution and Resurrection

Chapter 13. Scouting the Competition: Jesus's Opponents

Chapter 14. Examining Jesus's Crucifixion

Chapter 15. The Resurrection: From the Messiah to the Son of God

Part V - Experiencing Christ in Culture

Chapter 16. A Western Savior Goes Global

Chapter 17. From Graffiti to the Guggenheim: Jesus in Art

Chapter 18. The Reel Jesus

Part VI - The Part of Tens

Chapter 19. Top Ten Historical Controversies about Jesus

Chapter 20. Top Ten Pilgrimage Sites Associated with Jesus

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