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The Maritime History of Cornwall

The Maritime History of Cornwall

Cornwall is quintessentially a maritime region. Almost an island, nowhere in it is further than 25 miles from the sea. Cornwall’s often distinctive history has been molded by this omnipresent maritime environment, while its strategic position at the western approaches—jutting out into the Atlantic—has given this history a global impact. It is perhaps surprising then, that, despite the central place of the sea in Cornwall’s history, there has not yet been a full maritime history of Cornwall. The Maritime History of Cornwall sets out to fill this gap, exploring the rich and complex maritime inheritance of this unique peninsula.

In a beautifully illustrated volume, individually commissioned contributions from distinguished historians elaborate on the importance of different periods, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

The Maritime History of Cornwall is a significant addition to the literature of international maritime history and is indispensable to those with an interest in Cornwall past and present.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part I: ‘Window to a Wider World’: Early and Medieval Cornwall

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Origins of Maritime CornwallPre-medieval Settlements and Seaways

Chapter 3. Coastal Communities in Medieval Cornwall

Chapter 4. Overseas Trade and Shipping in Cornwall in the Later Middle Ages

Part II: ‘The Age of Turbulence’: Maritime Disorder in Tudor and Stuart Cornwall

Chapter 5. Introduction

Chapter 6. Plunder and PrizeCornish Piracy and Privateering during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Chapter 7. ‘His Majesties Sea-Service in the Western Parts’Maritime Affairs in Cornwall during the English Civil War

Chapter 8. Corruption and Inefficiency in the Cornish Customs Service in the Later Seventeenth Century

Part III: ‘A Time for War and Trade’: Cornwall in the Eighteenth Century

Chapter 9. Introduction

Chapter 10. Cornish Tin Ships, 1703–1710

Chapter 11. Cornwall and the Royal Navy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Chapter 12. Cornish Ports in the Eighteenth Century

Chapter 13. Smuggling and Wrecking

Chapter 14. The Cornish Arundells and the Right of WreckA Case Study in Landlord–Tenant Relations in the Long Eighteenth Century

Chapter 15. Navigation

Part IV: ‘Global Reach and Industrial Prowess’: Cornwall in the Nineteenth Century

Chapter 16. Introduction

Chapter 17. The Cornish Sea Fisheries in the Nineteenth Century

Chapter 18. Cornwall: An Inside-out Industrial Region

Chapter 19. The Coastal Trade in Cornish China Clay

Chapter 20. Cornish Maritime Steam

Chapter 20. Yachting in Cornwall before the First World War

Chapter 21. The Smuggler and the WreckerLiterary Representations of Cornish Maritime Life

Chapter 22. Cornish Ports, Shipping and Investment in the Nineteenth Century

Part V: ‘Inventing “The Cornish Riviera”’: From Twentieth to Twenty-first Century Cornwall

Chapter 23. Introduction

Chapter 24. Cornwall and the Decline of Commercial Sail

Chapter 25. Maritime Cornwall in the Era of Two World Wars

Chapter 26. Cornwall’s Trading PortsTwentieth-Century Decline into Diversity

Chapter 27. Twentieth-Century Maritime Tourism and Recreation

Chapter 28. Cornish Fisheries in the Twentieth Century


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